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How agile is different from Devops ? Kindly explain

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Agile is a process in which software is developed in short sprints and development team work on the product as per the feedback from the client. There are frequent requirement changes and as a part of Agile process development needs to be fast and new requirement changes and bug fixes needs to be incorporated in the next release.
DevOps (Development and Operations[quality assurance services, technical support, build deployment teams etc]) focuses on fast and safe deployment of the software on the client infrastructure. In this phrase of software development cycle the main effort is to reduce the gap between the development and operations team and thus overall improving the communication and coordination.

Agile primarily increases the speed of software development whereas DevOps helps to speed up the application delivery.

In Agile the feedback is provided by client and in DevOps feedback is provided by internal teams.

Agile bridges the gap between the customer and developer whereas in DevOps covers the gap between developer and operations.

Agile refers to an approach of developing a better product by focusing on customer feedback and frequent requirement changes and making the software development process more efficient.
DevOps contributes to create better quality by focusing on efficiency while deploying software and providing end to end business solutions.


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