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How Artificial intelligence boom is going to impact software testing ?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is trending dynamically under quality assurance providing industry and below are the list of areas/factors that  prove to be impacted dynamically for software testing companies in pursuing towards artificial intelligence:

- AI can help in improving and delivering accuracy of the product via introducing automation testing services.
- AI can helps in challenging the limits of testing strategies via performance testing.
- AI increase the overall scope and depth of tests resulting in overall improvement of software quality.
- AI helps in saving time, money,effort, human resources etc
- AI systems are dynamic and self evaluating ie. they can automatically discover every new feature in the product and evaluate to determine whether it is a bug or new feature added.
- AI testing helps in eliminating business risks.

Some of the popular AI based test automation tools are listed below:
- : is a mobile test automation tool that is used for regression testing
- Appvance: Used to generate test cases based on user behavior
- : Used for the executing and maintenance of automated tests


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