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What is the primary difference between Alpha and Beta Testing 

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Alpha and Beta testing are mainly intended to discover the bugs in a product or a software and they differ by the means of phase they are conducted and the users who perform these testing.

Both these techniques play a vital role in software testing services and provide a better view of reliability of the product which in turn helps in the success of the product in market. Here are the main differences in both the methodologies:

Alpha Testing

  • It is the first phase of Software Testing and is performed before the release of product to end users or customers.
  • It is conducted by a team of testers in virtual environment.
  • Developers and Business Analyst are involved in this process.
  • It requires a specific testing environment.
  • It comes under the category of both White Box Testing and Black Box Testing.
  • Issues or bugs are logged in a particular tool and developers work on their fix on priority.

Beta Testing

  • It is the second phase of testing and is followed by the alpha testing cycle.
  • It is conducted by the end users or customers in Real time environment.
  • Since this is conducted at clients or customers end so there is no involvement of developers or Business Analyst.
  • No testing environment is required in this testing.
  • It is only a kind of Black Box Testing.
  • Issues/bugs are mainly submitted by the users in the form of suggestions and feedbacks.


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