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What is the difference between Postman Monitors and Postman Collection Runner?

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Well if we talk about Monitors; they help us schedule a collection of test runs; so the performance and behavior of our API's remain intact; we can schedule these monitors to run at regular intervals say 15 mins or any other time intervals as per the requirements.Further the monitors doesn't require any physical presence for execution as it is connected through Postman cloud.The best part is you get to know the result of the monitor from past couple of days in a one go and we can have a clear picture of the api testing i.e at what time of the day our tests passed/failed.

Postman Collection Runner on the other hand lets you execute all the requests that has been automated inside a collection.It will be stopped automatically when all the tests inside a collection are passed or failed but yes they require manual efforts to start the execution.In api testing once a collection has been created it can be shared among different users with all the requests and assertions.


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