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What is a BDD (Behavior Driver Development) test approach  and how it is implemented in automation testing ?

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BDD is “Behavior Driven Development” methodology in which the software application is developed in an organized way focusing on the interaction between all layers of stakeholders involved. The main focus is on associating the behavioral specifications for each unit which is being developed.


Automation testing company using BDD initially writes all the tests in high level business language. Then these tests are automated to provide executable documentation for detailing the implementation of requirements. The test scenarios are written using the keywords Given, When and Then. The acceptance criteria is defined in the  step definitions written for the provided requirements.

The test scenarios are written as below:

Given some initial rules,

When the incident occurs,

then the desired outcomes are ensured.


Below are few BDD tools and testing frameworks:

  • Cucumber
  • Concordion
  • Easy B Framework
  • JDave is a BDD Framework
  • JBehave is a BDD Tool
  • Fitnesse is an open source framework


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