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Hi I am going to create my Android + iOS app for productivity domain. 

I am looking for a build management tool for mobile app. 

Please let me know the best build management tool for mobile app management. 

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For accessing Beta builds, multiple tools are available in market and usually used by mobile testing services. Whenever a new code is pushed, then a build is available as a Beta version for downloading via below mentioned tools:  

  • AppBlade : AppBlade focuses on security for beta IOS, Android and Blackberry apps. 
  • Hockey App : It is used for beta testing of iOS, Android and Windows app. Most beneficial feature of hockey app is the crash reports and analysis. 
  • TestFlight  : TestFlight is the most popular build management tool used by most clients. 
  • BetaBuilder : This tools is for iOS and Mac apps only. 
  • Appaloosa : This is a paid tool. Mobile builds can be shared within a group or specific people. 


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