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How can I choose the right programming language for Android mobile app development ? 

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Language depends on the OS for which you want to develop the mobile app. As per my experience in mobile app testing services and working closely to co-ordinate with software development team for the same following are the languages used for mobile app development:

 For iOS:

  • Objective-C: It is the original language to develop iOS apps that are robust and scalable. Being a part of Apple development framework, Objective-C is fully integrated with into all iOS and Mac OS frameworks.
  • Swift: It is open source and very popular for iOS app development. It is latest popular iOS app development language. Swift has simple syntax and ability to easily pinpoint towards programming errors. It is mostly considered due to its ability to write code in Apple’s latest API’s, cocoa and cocoa touch.
  • CocoaPods: CocoaPods manages dependency for objective-c and Swift languages. It automatically integrates with Xcode.

For Android:

  • Java: It is most used app development language for Android apps, Web apps, Server apps, Games etc..
  • Kotlin: This language has been developed to address some issues in Java. Its syntax is simpler and focus more on solving the actual problem.
  • Perl: This is hybrid programming language that uses a fusion of Perl 5 and Perl 6 to create energetic programming language to create sophisticated applications. It is best suited for creating Android apps.

For Windows

  • C#: It is the most popular language for Windows Mobile Phone app development. It is being used to build robus


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