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How is Continuous testing configured in Devops ?

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Continuous Testing plays an important role in quality assurance company to deliver a defect free product. Below is the brief description of Continuous Testing and its importance in DevOps:


Continuous Testing:

It is a repetitive testing process of a product through automated tests execution, starts from creating the build, followed by system testing and then finally releasing the product. Continuous testing is performed to deliver a defect free quality product.



It enables the Quality assurance companies to create, build, test, deploy and deliver the product faster to the end users. DevOps has bridged the gap between CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) by led to rise of Continuous Testing.


Importance of Continuous Testing:

  1. a) Defect detection at early stage which saves the cost of organization
  2. b) Automation becomes easy using CI/CD tools
  3. c) Minimize the testing efforts
  4. d) Testing on Production like environment


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