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Can u guys let me know the difference between Audit and Inspection in QA project.

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Audit and Inspection both plays an important role in Software Testing Services.

Inspection is associated with inspecting a product or service to make sure it is correct. Whereas, Audit is associated with a high level review of system that is designed to produce and inspect the product or service.


  • It focuses on management system
  • It evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of management system components
  • Audits are conducted by third party
  • Audits deals with the areas that could be root causes of accident
  • Types of audit include Legal Compliance Audit, Internal Audit, and System Audit


  • It focuses on workplace, work equipment or work activities
  • It looks for unsafe conditions and activities. It also include verification to see if a specific equipment or process is operating in a safe and environmentally harmless way
  • Inspection may involve local managers
  • Inspection deals with the things that are immediate causes of accident
  • Inspection meetings may include Planning, Overview Preparation, Inspection Meeting, Rework, and Follow-up.


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