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What is the difference between Epic, Task and User Stories in Agile testing process ?

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Top software testing companies, segregate the testing of a complete website into Epic, Stories and Tasks if  they are following Agile Methodologies. Below is the brief description:

Epic: It is requirement that is too big to deliver in single sprint. It is not understood in terms of customer requirements and it needs to be divide into stories. It helps in supporting agile principles i.e. delivering working software on frequent basis, regular reflection of the product. Epics are also created by product owner that represents the customer or customer itself.

Example: Building a website

Story: It is something actionable and fits in a sprint. It delivers a part of functionality which is valuable and completed by end of iteration. Like Epic, Stories are also created by product owner that represents the customer or customer itself.Stories are written as per the end user prospective. In short, what does the user require from the product once it goes live and what will be its benefits.

Example: Building a page of website say About or Contact Us.

Task: These are elements of a story and something about which only team is concerned. Task is decomposed part of a story that include how the story will be completed. Tasks can be hours based. Tasks are created within bounds of iteration as these are short lived. These are usually defined by people doing the work say developers, QA etc..

Example: Building a button or field on webpage


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