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What is Equivalence partitioning testing and how it is performed by the QA analysts?

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Equivalent Partitioning testing also known as equivalent class partitioning is a black box testing technique which is applicable at all levels of testing like unit, integration, system, etc and which is followed by many process based quality assurance services. Under this technique,the input data is divided into different equivalence data classes.

Where this technique is used?
This technique is applicable for testing where we need to test particular range of inputs or conditions in an input field. For example: 1-10 partition input in an input field is valid, 11-20 input in an input field is invalid. The basic logic for implementing this technique is to see if one value between the defined range is valid then rest of the conditions will pass too (say.4).  

- This technique is used to reduce large number of test cases to manageable chunks.
- Appropriate for calculation based applications having large number of inputs/variables.
- Full coverage of test cases while providing limited inputs.
- It speeds- up testing process.


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