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What is the role of yaml file in Travis CI integration ?

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Continuous Integration is an important part of devops testing. Travis CI is continuous integration tool which allows multiple developers to push small and frequent changes to shared repository or master branch and then getting the successful build deployed after validating it on every check-in.

Travis CI works as follows:

  1. Travis CI sets web-hooks with shared repository (i.e. Github, Bitbucket etc.)
  2. Identify if any changes are committed to repository
  3. CI server then runs tests against the master branch
  4. While executing tests, if CI server identifies any issue then it stops the build
  5. It then generates a report pointing to the problems
  6. Notify developers to provide the fix

YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language) is data serialization language in human readable format. It is used for configuration files which is data oriented and contains richer metadata.

YAML plays an important role in Travis CI as build does get generated if YAML file is misconfigured and tests will not run. Name of YAML should be ‘.travis.yaml’ and it should be under root directory on Git.


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