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I have to test my mobile app for interactivity with the mobile processes. What are the most important use cases I should cover on priority for the same. 

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Mobile application testing is an important process before releasing any application to the user base.

The testing basically depends upon the target audience and application business usage.

There are many common scenarios or basic check points which are covered in performing functional testing for all mobile applications.

Some of these scenarios are listed below:

1. Installation and uninstallation of the application and time taken for these activities.

2.Application performance under different load conditions.

3. Response time of the application

4.Battery consumption, memory leak, optimization of CPU cycle.

5.Crash recovery and transaction interruptions

6.If application is to be used for transactional purposes, then verify if it supports the payment transactions.

7 Behavior of application during incoming call

8.Impact on other applications after installing the application.

9.Mobile application security testing wherein we need to test if the application is permitting any attacker to access the sensitive data.

10.Insufficient session expiration.


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