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What are the challenged faced during iOT Testing ?

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There are some of the challenges that are faced while providing IOT quality assurance services:

- Network speed instability issues are one of the biggest challenges that are faced. However to overcome most of these issues virtual network simulators are used for testing scenarios but real time data/network always proves to be a bottleneck in the long run while carrying out these IOT testing scenarios.

- Real time bugs in the software may get hidden when tested through virtual network simulators using real time data.

- Device iteration related issues like device security, compatibility , software upgrade issues always becomes a challenge for the 'software testing companies' .

- Lack of uniform standardization followed by 'software testing companies' makes it difficult to test each IoT device.

- Safety concerns related to data communication protocol i.e communication protocols to establish interaction between devices as well as between server and devices.

- Device hardware related issues like battery life, device capacity, sensor quality and accuracy,bandwidth, device performance, Data transmit Frequency, Multiple request handing, Synchronization with other devices etc


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