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What is the role of QA in iOT testing ?

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IOT technology allows users to remotely control devices, vehicles, buildings or any other connected electronic devices over a network.Now a days there is an extensive need to deliver better, faster and quality product which many 'quality assurance services' providers and companies are prioritizing it as a task.

Roles and Responsibilities of QA in testing IOT technology:
1. QA need to make sure testing activities are revolved around all the 4 components: Server, Application, Network and Backend (Data Center)
2. QA need to make sure that a parallel communication is set between the devices and the network.
3. QA need to make sure all the hardware and software components are available to test through IOT
4. QA is responsible for designing testing scenarios for usability testing, Compatibility Testing, Reliability and Scalability Testing, Security testing, Data Integrity Testing, Performance Testing etc considering real time test data.
5. QA need to implement a strategy covering diverse set of web applications, embedded devices, use of simulators and tools testing methodologies and types,setting up test environment etc
6. QA need to identify the risk factors an plan the testing strategies accordingly.

Scope of manual and automation testing in IOT:
Automation and manual testing is possible for IOT testing which is totally based on the application and its implementation. There are various software quality assurance company that provide  automation testing services along with functional testing services for IOT.


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