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Hi guyz

I am working on a mobile app testing for both iOS and Android versions.

Please let me know the difference between localization and Internationalization/Globalization testing ?


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Internationalization/Globalization testing, as the name suggests, is the process of making an application in a manner so that it can be adapted in any locale or region.

By this procedure we ensure that our applications functions properly in different languages and culture.

On the other hand, localization testing is a procedure in which user tests an application in a particular locale or region.

Localization testing can be performed for two kind of products:

Local product: A product which is designed locally to work on specific locale.

Internationalized product: Testing of internationalized product on a specific locale.

Another difference in both these testings is that in globalization testing software testing company considers generic user base while in localization testers consider the users of a particular locale.

In localization testing, testing efforts are reduced thus minimizing the overall software testing services cost.


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