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Hello All,

Got a new project to work on, which consists of feature where app should track truck driver's current location using GPS tracking and this should be live tracking so as end user can track every move along the route on the map (similar to Olacabs allows its passengers to share their real-time information of their rides with anyone by sharing a link that tracks the cab on a map.)

Is there any way to mimic this tracking by just providing pick up co-ordinates and drop off / destination co-ordinates instead of QA really driving all along the route.
Please share your ideas / thoughts/ suggestions or any hands on experience.

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There is some android mobile app called Fake GPS. May be you can try that. I am sure there will be some more apps available if you search for Fake GPS.

Thank You Anurag!

Fake GPS will be helpful to morph current location, but am looking to mimic whole GPS tracking.

Please if you get any more info on this keep me posted.

sure Hanish!

Hi guys,

Any one find out the results for above quires 


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