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Which devops tools and technologies we can use for fast and simple mobile app production shipment ?

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Devops is a revolutionary approach and it is being treated as a culture not a process. It binds development team with other operational teams like build, QA, Support and IT.

For mobile app development there are no different tools from web Devops as both have the same motive that all teams should be able to work cross functional and co-ordinated for production push. Below are the devops tools popularly used:

Git : It is version control system to track the changes in the mobile app.
Selenium: It is an open source tool used for mobile app testing services.
Docker: It is container management tool for creating an executable package and make the output portable.
Any CI tool (Jenkins/Travis): Jenkins is open source Contiuous integration tool that triggers automatically job on every commit.
Puppet: This is a configuration management tool which is used for deployment and configuration of servers.
There are some other tools as well like Chef, Ansible, Nagios, Splunk etc.


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