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What are the key points to consider while creating Test Plans for a mobile app ?

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In top software testing companies, Test Plan is the most important task of Test Management process. Test Plan is a detailed document that portrays the test strategies, test objectives, resource, schedule of testing and testing estimates and testing deliverables.

While creating test plan for mobile application following key points should be taken into consideration:
a) Application Knowledge: Explore and learn the application thoroughly before testing. Below points should be taken into account:
i) Who would use the application
ii) What is used for and how it works
iii) Hardware/Software used by the application

b) Design Test Strategy: A high level document prepared by Test Manager and defines
i) What are the test objectives
ii) How to achieve the objectives
iii) Evaluate testing efforts and cost involved

Apart from that, below are also the key points of designing the test strategy:
i) Define Testing Scope
ii) Testing Types involved
iii) Document the risks and issues

c) Define the Test Objectives: It is the overall goal of test execution. The objective of testing should be to find all the defects from application under test and make it bug free before release.
Define the objectives by
i) Identifying all the features needs to be tested
ii) Define goal of tests based on identified features

d) Define Criteria of Testing: A standard on which test procedure could be based.
e) Resource Planning: Planning phase where resources like manpower, hardware, software etc. required for the testing.

f) Select Test Environment
: It is an important phase where following factors are identified:
i) Environment as per mobile application type (Mobile Web, Native and Hybrid)
ii) Supported OS like Android, iOS and Windows
iii) What are the popular devices to test
iv) Different OS versions for compatibility and cross platform testing

g) Schedule and Estimation: Plan when the testing is required and estimate the testing period as per the requirements available. Break down the project into several tasks and plan accordingly:
i) Test Specification creation
ii) Test Execution
iii) Test Report and Delivery

h) Test Deliverables: A list of all the tools and other components that needs to be developed and maintained in support of the testing effort. These could be shared in different phases of testing listed below:
i) Before Testing: Test Plan and Test Cases, Design etc.
ii) During Testing: Test Scripts, Test Data etc.
iii) After Testing: Test Results, Defect Reports, Release notes etc.


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