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What are teh key points I should consider while testing mobile app for iPhone X device ?

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Following key points considered by mobile app testing services providers for mobile app testing using iPhoneX:

  • Validate the interruption scenarios(Killing App, Sending app to background, Batter Low) for iPhone X device.
  • Validate the authentication scenarios for Face recognition technology
  • Orientation of app if it supports
  • iPhone X is launched with all set of new features, display style and interaction style with end user having iOS 11. Since iOS 11 is not supported on all devices so it is necessary to test the app with different iOS versions
  • Display of iPhone X is totally changed so UI elements and graphics testing is must.
  • Working with iOS home screen- Since home screen button navigation has been removed so it is important to test the navigational capabilities of your application with swipe up gesture.
  • Application incompatibilities: Application must work well when iOS is upgraded so that no compatibility issue exists.


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