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Can anybody suggest a good Mobile test stand for manual mobile app testing?


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Below mentioned set of Mobile test stand link will help in supporting a device/mobile which would further help QA analysts in performing for mobile testing services.These stand not only help QA engineers in manually going through android/IOS app testing activities but will also helps in protecting and securing the devices to the fullest. Please find the mobile holders Stand link on popular website Amazon.

1. Multi angle viewing which helps in adjusting the device upto desired rotational degree (upto 270 degree) which would help tester in  delivering mobile testing services to their clients effortlessly.
2. Easily fold able
3. Universal Compatible: Galaxy S8/S7/S6/Note6,iPhone X/ /6S 7/7 Plus / 8 Plus, LG, Sony, Google Nexus, iPad mini/pro/Air/Air 2, Samsung Tab , Kindle, even in protect case which helps in android/IOS app testing
4. Lifetime guarantee.
5. Affordable


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