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What are the accountable parameters while creating Mobile configuration priority matrix for proposing to the client ?

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Matrix prioritization is a multi-factor prioritization technique which results into ratio-scale output. Quality function deployment and Total quality management could be traced with this.


In software testing companies, following parameters are taken into consideration for Matrix prioritization:

1) Item Set: The items (projects, features, functions, requirements etc.) are being evaluated.

2) Criteria: Varying criteria that would be used to evaluate every item.

3) Value Scales: It is being used to specify the relationship of an item to the criteria being evaluated. These are also used to rate every item to a single criteria.

4) Weightings: It allows to prioritize a specific criteria higher than other criteria.

5) Formula: Formula to generate a priority value for every item based on weightings and criteria. Although there is not standard formula used to Matrix Prioritization.


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