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I am going to automate an app for android platform using Appium. What are the required set up I should have for it ?

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Appium is gaining more poupalrity now a days after the boom in the mobile app usage for internet traffic. More and more mobile app testing services providers are switching from other traditional tools to Appium + selenium for mobile app automation. Below is the prerequisite set up to use for Appium: 

  • JDK (If you are automaing using JAVA)
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse (As a IDE)
  • TestNG (Install in Eclipse from Marketplace)
  • Selenium Server JAR
  • APK App Info app
  • Appium Lib
  • Appium [From]
  • XCode[If doing automation on Mac]
  • Homebrew [Pkg Mgr fr Mac]
  • Carthage [Dependency for iOS apps]


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