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What's responsive design ? How we are performing QA practices for the same ?

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Responsive design can be easily defined as "Water takes shape of the container it is pour in" so is the Responsive design. 

It is a methodology for development where intelligent CSS media queries is used and website acquires the screen dimensions and platform automatically due to flexible images, grids and layout used in CSS while designing. 

As the user traffic has increased through mobile devices since 2014, so it is very important today to test the user experience while accessing website through mobile devices. 

mobile app testing services and mobile web testing services providers use device matrix configuration set for defining the test coverage. 

QA needs to validate multiple below parameters for responsive design: 

  • Clickable areas
  • Selection States
  • Text Alignment
  • Framing of content
  • Scrolling 
  • Data Entry fields
  • Readability
  • Visual Design 


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