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What does Scrum stand for in agile?

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In SDLC process, Agile is a development methodology based on continuous iteration and incremental approach.

Scrum is one of the popular agile framework, which mainly focuses on the iterative approach delivering the builds to customer every two or three weeks.
In scrum, the team develop product in fixed length iterations known as Sprints. At the start of each sprint there is Sprint planning which happens in a Sprint planning meeting to review the backlog items, discuss the feedback and plan the items for next sprint.
In every sprint, there are daily sprint meetings, of not more than 15 minutes, to track the progress of the sprint, any blockers or dependencies.
When team completes all the items of current sprint then they can plan for the next sprint. Each sprint is concluded with the retrospective meeting and a demo is provided on the items covered.

There are mainly three roles involved in Scrum Framework
1.    Product Owner: Product owner mainly decides the backlog items, prioritize items in the current sprint.

2.    Development team: This team is responsible for delivering the product.

3.    Scrum Master: The role of Scrum master is to regulate the sprint flow and ensures that team follows Agile properly.

Scrum is very popular framework as well as very demanding. It requires developers to work beyond their specialization skills, and requires proper planning and testing.
It requires the software testing companies to follow the approach of full regression testing to control the product quality.


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