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I have a set of over 1000 test-cases and need to plan which test-case needs to be done manually and which needs to be automated. Can anyone please suggest what parameters I need to take care while planning??

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Automation is preferred for testing the repetitive scenarios in an application. The software testing services prepare the automation plan by considering the impact and priority of a feature on the end customers.
Below are the factors you can consider while planning the automation of test cases: 

  1. Regression tests should be automated including the test scenarios which must be executed on each deployment. This will ensure the quality of the new build and possible new bugs may be captured in early stage.
  2. Plan the automation of highest priority test cases for your application. The high priority test cases have more impact on all the features of application.
  3. Automation of Data driven test cases should be done as the specific set of input needs to be provided to test scenarios. Automation of data driven test cases is considered as more effective approach than manual.
  4. Test cases which require cross-browser testing should also be automated to ensure the comprehensive testing approach.


Along with the above parameters, you should also consider the automation of those areas which have more impact on the end users. The module/ feature/ pages having higher traffic should be automated to ensure the quality product for end customers.



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