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Hey guyz I am working on a mobile app for creative/productive domain that deals with notes for To Do lists for any individual. It supports both iOS and Android platforms. 

How does should I select the best tool for automating the Smoke Suite ? What key areas should I consider ?

Thanks !!!!

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There are many factors that needs to be taken care while selecting automation tool. Automated testing services counts for below key features:

a) Testing Requirements: Requirements should be clear whether the application needs automation or not. If we need to perform the same kind of testing repeatedly then automating the related test suite is the best option.

b) Complexity of testing requirement: Core understanding of application and technologies involved in the same is must to select the suitable tool.

c) Budget: Budget plays an important role in selecting the tool that meets your testing requirements.

d) Free Trial Version: It is important to know that whether that tool provides you the free trial version so that you can evaluate the same before making the decision

e) Skilled Resources: It is important to identify that whether the organization has the skilled resources that can work on the selected tool.

f) Reviews: It is good to know the reviews of existing customers before finalizing the decision.


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