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What is the role of QA in a Sprint cycle in Agile ?

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QA plays a vital role in sprint planning and releases. Software testing services ensures the quality of the product by focusing on engaging the QA and Dev team to complete the sprint tasks within timeline.


- The Technical skills and communication skills of QA eases the complete development process to develop a capable software.

- Tester contributes his technical skills in enhancing the user stories, code reviews, requirement analysis and performing technical discussions with the product and development teams.

- Agile tester performs unit testing by directly coordinating with developers and provides the outcome.

- The QA member gets involved in the automation of tests using automation tools.

- They design acceptance criteria for the product by directly working with the product team, dev team and client.

- Tester schedule the Sprint meetings and Daily Scrum meetings to discuss the todo tasks, previous tasks and sprint retrospection.

- QA is responsible for execution of all the testing activities like unit testing, integration testing, Sanity testing, etc.


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