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Why do Sprint Review is important in Agile ? 

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The quality assurance services follows incremental approach while progressing through each sprint usually having a 1-2 weeks period. At the end of each sprint, a meeting is required to discuss the accomplishments and the backlog.

Below are the key agenda items and the benefits of Sprint Review:


  • In sprint review meeting, product owners provide updates on the completed tasks and the backlog which keeps all the teams resonant.
  • The development team demonstrates the overall sprint progress to the Product Team.
  • The priority of all the tasks in backlog are revised and reprioritized as per the commitment done with the product team.
  • The Stakeholders, Development Team and Product Team prepares the upcoming sprint plan.
  • Product Team and Stakeholders provides their feedback and the Scrum Master prepares new tasks/ user stories as per their feedbacks.
  • Sprint Review is the incremental approach towards development of cost driven software.



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