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What is difference between Test matrix and Traceability matrix?

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 Test Matrixis used to capture actual quality, effort, the plan, resources and time required to capture all phases of software testing
Traceability Matrix: Mapping between testcases and customer requirements is known as asTraceability Matrix.

Traceability matrix is a type of document used by qa services for tracing and mapping the relationship between two baseline documents. It includes the requirement specifications and test cases.
It helps in developing team to be sure about the inclusion of all the client requirement in the SDLC phase. It also helps in ensuring that all the requirements are captured in the test cases
There are following type of  traceability matrix :

  • Forward traceability
  • Backward traceability
  • Bi-directional traceability
    A test matrix is simply a type of spreadsheet used by qa services for capturing test results by laying them out in the form of a table. It can be used for various purposes like to record a consistent set of tests, to document a desired level of test coverage, to be used as evidence that the desired amount of testing has been done.
    It is also called as Test responsibility matrix.It consists of Test Factors like:
  • correctness
  • compliance
  • coupling
  • continuity of process
  • authorization
  • access control


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