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What should be included in the test plan of mobile app?

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According to market trends, mobile technology is changing everyday due to higher market demand. All software testing services company are struggling towards improving the user-interface, performance and improved application designs.

Therefore, it becomes important for quality assurance services to prepare an effective end-to-end test plan for mobile app testing.

End-to-end mobile test plan should include below:


- Develop the strategies : Focusing on the flow of application and all its components to ensure that the user requirements are fulfilled. Then, identify the application areas to be tested and create the test cases.

- Operating System testing : Mobile apps should support both iOS and Android OS. While preparing the test plan, specify the versions of OS which will be supported by the app and accordingly cover the testing for all versions.

- Performance testing: Performance test should be accompanied to analyze the network connectivity, memory utilization, power consumption and overall device response.

- Security test should be conducted to prevent any kind of data loss.



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