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How can we test the GPRS driven apps in organization infrastructure without physically taking the device in different geographical locations ?

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GPRS driven apps need to track the GPS location of the user for the proper functioning.

Many applications including Uber and Ola track the location of the user and based on that they provide the data such as the near-by drivers, trip route etc.

There are many applications, used by software testing companies for mobile app testing, which are fake location apps and can be used if we need to test the GPRS driven applications inside the organization premises.

Here is the list of some of the fake location applications:

  1. Mock GPS Pro: This application has basic features included and provide options for fake locations.
  2. Mock Locations: This application allows you to fake information about the location of your phone by GPS and network provider.
  3. Fake GPS- Fake Location: It is considered as one of the best looking fake location app and has lot of potential.
  4. Fake GPS: This app allows user to set the phone location anywhere in the world.
  5. Location Spoofer: This app allows you to fake the gps by overwriting the current proximity. It allows standard spoofing on all android devices providing the basic features required for mobile app testing services.


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