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Which tool is currently best suited for automation android mobile apps in market ? 

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Here is the list of some top mobile app testing tools which are popularly used by software testing companiesfor mobile automation testing services:

  • Robotium
  • MonkeyRunner
  • Ranorex
  • Appium Studio
  • Appium
  • UI Automator
  1. Robotium Tool : It is a free UI testing tool. Robotium is suitable for automating different Android versions. Using Robotium tests are written in Java. It is a library for unit tests.
  2. MonkeyRunner: It is another popular Android Testing tools which is used for automating Android software.It is low-level than Robotium is. By using this tool, test are written in Python.
  3. Ranorex : It can help in connecting a smartphone or a tablet to the Internet with the help of WiFi as well.
  4. Appium Studio :It is a free tool that makes Appium testing even better. It helps in organizating release quality applications. It improves both test development and test execution.
  5. Appium Automation Framework : Appium Automation Framework is a framework for creating automated tests for iOS and Android. It is an open source tool. It utilizes WebDriver interface for running tests. It supports different programming languages like Java, C#, Ruby.
  6. UI Automator : UI Automator has been recently elaborated by Google. It supports Android versions starting from 4.1. It is able to interact with all kinds of software products for Android.


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