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How is Travis CI different from Jenkins ? Also, For what kind of framework Travis CI is best suitable for !

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Software testing companies use both Jenkins and Travis CI tools for Continuous Integration. Both of these are CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery or Deployment) tools.

However they can be differentiated by following parameters:
a) Server/Cloud based
b) Project Compatibility
c) Cost Effectiveness
d) Configurations

Differences are listed in details below:

a) Jenkins is Server based and required a dedicated server.

  1. b) Jenkins id used for big projects
  2. c) Jenkins has Free plans for both individual and enterprises
  3. d) Jenkins is fully customizable however the customizations are time consuming


Travis CI
a) Travis CI is cloud based tool. Therefore no dedicated server is required.

  1. b) Travis CI is used for small projects
  2. c) Travis CI is Free for open source projects but has paid subscription for enterprises
  3. d) Travis works with simple YAML configuration file



Travis CI is recommended due to flexibility to simultaneously executing the tests on different environments. It supports build matrix and following frameworks:
Android, C, C#, C++, Crystal, F#, Go, Java, JavaScript (with Node.js), Objective-C, Perl, Perl6, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Smalltalk, Visual Basic and some other as well.


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