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I am currently working on a project and performing the testing for it on multiple configurations. Sometimes I stuck for multiple reasons. Kindly suggest me some troubleshooting points for software testing. 

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Troubleshooting is an art which should be the key skill of any software test engineer to deal with dynamic requirements of their clients. Below are the key troubleshooting factors which should be kept in mind while working on any client project:

- Open communication with the client so that product requirements are clear at an initial level.
- Planning testing strategies at the earliest
- Identifying the root cause of any issue.
- Identifying/Implementing skill set in order to resolve an issue.
- Escalate the issue if external factors are involved (if required)

- Tracking product progress via any project management tool
- Taking measures so that such issues are not haunted again.

These types of troubleshooting skills are implemented by web and mobile testing services 


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