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What are the challenges in the migration of test automation assets from commercial test tools to Selenium?

Is it cost, resources or effort? Share your thoughts

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Challenges in Migrating to Selenium:
If you are thinking of migrating to an open source tool like Selenium for test automation, you need to be aware that you need to develop the scripts in Selenium from scratch. Test automation scripts drawn up with licensed tools can’t be directly converted to Selenium. You will need to opt for the help of the expert testing partner to help streamline the migration and thereby automate the process of converting commercial licensed scripts to Selenium scripts with reduced cost and time.
Automating Selenium Migration with efficient migration tool can help enhance conversion rate. By implementing automation, all functional libraries, reusable scripts can be converted quickly. This helps organizations to avoid licensing costs and rising service costs.

Options Available:
There is a flood of commercial test automation frameworks in the market. However, open source frameworks are getting popular because of the cost-effectiveness and customization they bring in. There is an array of Open Source Framework in the market like Serenity, Thucydides, Robot Framework and RedwoodHQ.
While these options exist, Selenium is by far the most popular and chosen one not just for Web Applications, but also for Mobile Application Testing. It is a cost effective tool, as it is an open source tool with no license costs and its features can be compared with HP Quick Test Pro (QTP), a commercial instrument in the same category.

Selenium is evolving as a robust web application testing framework. With its open source licensing and the support that it offers to multiple browsers, languages, and platforms, it has become an integral component for various browser automation tools. Selenium and Selenium WebDriver are by far the most advanced  tools in the marketplace.



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