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What is Testing Center of Excellence TCoE ? Why do we need it ?

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Introduction: TCOE is an entity (not an individual) in top software testing companies which includes a group of testing professionals, business analysts and technical testers which grasp and distribute the testing and business knowledge, comprehensive skills, strategies, new software tools, technologies and resources/assets across different organizations.

The group of quality assurance expertise can help to build up TCOE in any organizations. They can make the organization available with plethora of answers which can tend the product to meet up with market requirements.

There are several reasons to promote the adaption of TCOE in an organization.

Below are the wide aspects that highlights its need in an organization:

1. It enhances quality of product (less defects with effective frameworks).

2. It maximizes the ROI as it reduces the cost to fix the errors after release.

3. It diminished the testing cycle time and release a stable product timely in market.

4. It promotes to develop new and more practical testing approaches to Testing and QA.

Essentially, TCOE assists the technologies, knowledge, mythologies, tools etc. all together to conquer the challenges faced in standardized approach which was based on templates, paperwork, huge documentation and demonstrations, inflexible processes, sanction cycles and rigid release dates.

However, these days, most of the organizations have already implemented TCOE for streamlining the development and testing phases to modify the procedures, efficiency and most importantly, application stability for end to end business delivery.


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