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Hi All,

Can any one help me with Connected/disconnected test scenarios for IOS mobile application. I am currently testing my company's mobile native app in iphone/ipodtouch . I want some scenarios where I can test my app with  Connected/disconnected test scenarios , mainly different ways of doing it and see how my app behaves. Thanks in advance. Any other info regarding testing the mobile apps for ios will be very helpful.

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You can check with below scenarios.

1) You can disable the internet/wi-fi connection and test whole apps from the starting.

2) Find some checkpoints for your apps that which type of features and tapping event or any event can connect with internet/wi-fi connection. After go with all the scenario when apps uses connection.

3) For e.g whenever application try to fetch any data with the help of connection, you just off the wi-fi connection before this step. You can get many scenarios with your application when you find this type of steps and you can test with switch-on and off the wi-fi.

4) You must find that your application handle this type of behavior and react properly.

5) Also every time application should provide proper message and also saving its last state and when apps get connection apps will be start from the last state.

I hope above info. useful for you.

Let me know if you have any query.



please give the full details about app like app is using data connection or not if not then no need to test any scenerio to connect or disconnect wifi or 3g connection. 

Thanks Malay Parikh  for the info . @sanjay kumar : Yes our app can be used with data connection / wi-fi . App is currently used in iphone / ipodtouch . Through app we store the data in our server , and use the same data when ever  needed. Hope this info helps. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks

test when signal is fluctuating...going low and high.


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