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Hi all,

I am facing a problem in resigning an build that is provided by the client to test. i am trying it to resign with my certificate but i am continuously receiving an error "object file format unrecognized invalid or unsuitable".

I have searched all the blogs present on the internet but didn't find something that solves my problem.

My Mac os version is "10.6.4" and Xcode version is "4.6.3".

i have tried it with both Appresigner application and through the Terminal.

Can anyone help me how to resolve this problem or can anyone guide me about the error and possible solutions for it.


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Check for the following things :

Make sure the 'Executable Name' (CFBundleExecutable) entry in your target's info.plist matches the 'Product Name' specified in your target settings.

iPhone Codesign object file format invalid or unsuitable

Under Project --> Build Settings --> Build Options, the "Build Variants" was set to something different than Targets --> Build Settings --> Build Options --> Build Variants

Make sure these are set to the same setting, which should be "normal".

Hope it helps

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