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Hi All,

I have faced an issue like

1) Already a app is uploaded in app store 

2) Used the app and have some content related to app store in the user device.

3) Later got updates for the app and again uploaded the app to app store.

4) Once after updating the app from app store within the device - previously saved app data is erased.

Can any one have any suggestions how we can check this scenario before uploading the app to app store?



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Hi Suresh,

You can test this as below -

Current App Version is 2.0

Latest App Version is 3.0

Make the changes in config file as Latest app version==3.0, Allowed App Version==3.0 [ developer should be able to help you on this ] .
Install and launch app with Version 2.0
On launching you should get a message as this is not supported version and give a link to install 3.0 App.
Install 3.0 app from link redirected and launch.
Verify the app.

This testing is depend on how your application is built i.e. framework

Hope this helps.


Thanks Vaibhav

Can you please suggest what are the necessary guidelines for submitting apps onto app store, specifically to all platforms.


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