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I am facing localhost:16862/fonemonkey error consistently while running my scripts which is really slowing my scripts execution.

This error is likely to occur more on using 'view' and 'image' component of monkeytalk.

After searching for work around on internet, i have tried the below thing to remove the error but was no luck:

1) increasing thinktime and timeout.

2) restarting the emulator/application.

3) stopping other adb services(for eg, ddms,sdk update)

4) trying on real device

5) not using adb command line tool while executing scripts

6) restarting adb server

Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

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Can you please let me know what kind of configuration or settings i need to do to make my android code compatible with monkey talk so that i can enable record and playback feature for my real project. I have added successfully monkey talk jar file with my code but unable to enable recording.


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