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Hi, I am able to recognize the object id and able to verify it. But when I try to Tap on it; it does nothing. I have tried with layout ID, Object id, even with screen co-ordinates. Label first_level_setting_name verify "Favorites Settings" %thinktime=3000 %timeout=20000 For this command its working fine but when I try to tap on the same ID or text it does nothing. Does not even show any error message. Just show Completed Ok, but does nothing on the application. I have tried with:- Label first_level_setting_name tap %thinktime=1000 %timeout=10000 View first_level_setting_name tap %thinktime=1000 %timeout=10000 Label "Favorites Settings" tap %thinktime=1000 %timeout=10000 View "Favorites Settings" tap %thinktime=1000 %timeout=10000 View first_level_setting_layout tap %thinktime=1000 %timeout=10000 but nothing is wokring. Ideally it should expand the and give me the favorite setting options. Can you please help me out

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