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Hi Friends,

  • one doubt in monkey talk

  • Have u worked on Choose Photo and Take photo Functionality in Monkey talk i am facing prb on this scenario in registration page.

  • How to test Choose photo and take photo functionality 
  • Now am testing Schencha with phone gap applicaiton with monkey talk . but few commands are not found can any one give some proper solution.

waiting for your valuable solutions.



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Can you please let me know what kind of configuration or settings i need to do to make my android code compatible with monkey talk so that i can enable record and playback feature for my real project. I have added successfully monkey talk jar file with my code but unable to enable recording.


Vikas Payasi

Hi Vikas,

The instructions fpor instrumenting your app with MonkeyTalk Community Edition are here:

You can also try MonkeyTalk Professional Edition (free beta) which should instrument your APK file directly, without you having to do anything special.

- Ed

Hello Ed Schwarz,

Thanks for your reply. I have tried with all these above steps but not able to make my android code compatible with monkey talk. 

Please share your some more advises so that i can do that. 


Vikas Payasi

Hi Vikas,

The best place to get support is on the MonkeyTalk forum. The community is really helpful, and the MonkeyTalk project team watches the boards and responds sometimes.

If you've already tried the standard steps, you will want to be more detailed about what you have tried, what the results were, any error or log output you have, and so on.

Hope you have great success with MonkeyTalk,

- Ed


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