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Selenium for Mobile App Testing

All automation development and testing engineers are very well aware of ‘Selenium‘ which is the de-facto testing framework for web applications. With the changing mobile landscape, Appium is the most used framework for testing mobile apps. But is it possible to use Selenium for mobile app testing? The direct answer is ‘Not really’ but there is a long and different approach to this answer.


Appium is the most popular mobile app test framework which can be used…


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13 Benefits of Automation Testing

With an incessant advancement in technology and mobile eco-space, it is becoming extremely challenging for companies to maintain the quality and efficiency of mobile app development. Testing being one of the major business critical activities is often neglected because of the time and cost limitations. This ultimately leads to a compromised product quality, dissatisfied customer, delayed delivery and an increase in the overall quality costs. The major reasons for an increase in costs can be…


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Problems with Online Android Emulators and how to solve it?

Android now occupies the number one place in the world Smartphone arena with a market share of 87% at the end of 2016 that means 9 out of 10 Smartphones in the world run on Android. With such dominance in the space, the creation of mobile apps has reached never before heights. But the constant innovation that fuels this market has major problems in terms of the development and testing timelines. Running an online Android emulator, which used to be a solution once up a time, is not good…


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Memory Leaks & Memory Consumption by Mobile Applications

Mobile apps can often crash for many reasons. Nothing is as excruciating as memory leaks. It starts with your app crashing often, or becoming slow or maybe making your entire phone slow down, taking longer time to load activities. Memory leaks are notoriously hard to detect, and thus can easily surprise you. Have we ever thought why most of the users uninstall the application after some use?

Which is why it is critical for Developers to understand the memory consumption by any mobile…


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Accelerated Mobile App Testing powered by pCloudy

When it comes to the more favorable app in the market, the true measure of a developer’s success is the app’s retention rate. An app has to have the right mix of touch, feel and design for the best user experience that represents your business value; as well as the functionality and performance true to the needs of the user and his device health.

With touch devices everywhere now, more than 3 million apps for those devices are available for download and the…


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App Testing during your Dev Cycle – Developer tool to access real devices on cloud

If recent past has been any indication, then it is a certainty there are growing expectations from Testers and Developers alike, to take quality head on, as a joint feature. More so in the…


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Testing the battery Drain for Android App

If you are anything like me, you’d agree that the armor of present day mobile phone technology has a few chinks on it. Nothing is worse than applications draining the battery resources of your mobile device faster than you can fill it back up. The sunnier side of course, is that you can create teachable moments for your kids better by hiding their phone chargers and watch the colors drain from their faces.

Studies show that battery life is a top priority for smartphone buyers. In…


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Integration of TestNG project with pCloudy platform

TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use.

It is an open source…


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Automation Testing – Best Open Source tools for Mobile Apps

Why Mobile App Automation Testing?

Testing of Mobile Apps in quite cumbersome because of sheer magnitude of testing required on variety of devices. Moreover, Mobile Apps require changes faster than other kind of Applications (Web or Desktop). That’s the reason, more and more organizations have started realizing the need of using…


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Tips to Consider while Creating a World Class Mobile Testing Lab

How to create a world class Mobile Testing Lab?

It can be a big challenge to build a large scale Mobile Testing Lab from scratch. Look around you and you will see that with every single day, companies in adding mobile apps in their business strategy and with it the mobile app dev and testing market is becoming increasingly competitive, dynamic and…


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Appium Integration with pCloudy

Help Guide for pCloudy-java-Connector for Appium

1. pCloudy-java-Connector for Appium

1.1 Overview

Appium is an open source test automation framework which is used with wide range of mobile apps that supports only android/ios or both. pCloudy is a popular …


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Calabash Automation Execution

pCloudy provides automation execution environment to run your Calabash test script of android & iOS and hybrid applications…


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