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HI friends i have listed out answers for common questions produced over here , 

Based on my own assumptions i have made the answers,kindly correct it if the answers were wrong :

From Divya.

1.Difference b/w Game & mobile app testing

i would say mobile app and mobile game, almost belong to same category with some variances. when testing a game, it has to undergo different levels of the game, and where as in a mobile app, the outcome is fixed.
game testing has much scope over app testing, depending upon the complexity of the game. and the features that game uses for e.g multiplayer

apart from that the business model of the application varies ,in general with respective to mobile games notable things were usability ,compatablity(since modern days gpu level were available)
 the challenge comes in compatibility when the app has to be tested across multiple device.

Related :

2. What type of testing you do in mobile game testing ?

Main thing which in my point of view is usability (since game should be addictive).interactive and compatable ,apart from that performance,regression and smoke testing will be carried out,additional testing would be carried based on game’s functionality (for e.g some games can be played with wifi)


3. What things you consider while testing client & server based apps, especially sever side 4.what type of things you check?

   Its little brief but notable things which we need to consider were many :

    Refer here  :               application?commentId=6300940%3AComment%3A106332

5. How to install Android apps?

 If its mobile it can be installed through double click of the app, the method varies based on how application gets stored with respective to mobile,for eg. App downloaded from internet,shared through usb/wifi/Bluetooth/sdcard etc

With respective to android emulator it will vary based on desktop os ,in genral adb install  or avd install,/.avd install will work in major things

6.  Introduce yourself

7. Explain your last project

8. What type app u had tested till now?

9. What will you do when requirements were not given?

10.  Have u written any Test plans till now?


I leave 6-10 since its mainly based on their own experiences. 

From Kalyan,


For an experienced candidate, I would try the following:


What are performance benchmarks of mobile apps (categorized across app types)

In my point of view the following might be the benchmarks

network performance, which can drag down your app’s performance;

             API calls to things like Facebook, Google, or e-commerce systems;and

           back-end systems on the developer’s servers.


In case of network dependent apps how does one measure performance (considering OS fragmentation, device specs, varying data volume etc)

Simulate a huge load of bandwidth(e.g 3+ mbps) and alter bandwidth for data upload and download which will give us the synchronization rate of the application, sudden network issues with respective to the source of network(data provider,sim [umts/hsdpa],wifi) the performance of the application will be determined how fast the application responds for such scenarios


What is your idea of user experience on a mobile app (and how does this expectation differ from typical desktop app). This question might not yield a specific answer, but tells us if the candidate has a good grasp on good design criteria for mobile apps

In general the user experience should be considered for smaller resolution devices :

The reason is simple ,For e.g consider your watch as an smartphone with android os how would u play a angry bird in it ,apart from that the main point of user experience will vary based on app’s design,performance,crash,addictive environment

How does one plan a test project when apps are supported on multiple platforms (iPhone, android, windows, BB), across form factors (tablets, phones) and with varying feature list.

According to my opinion although the device os platforms varied,the applications business logic is going to be same,l will list out the common features supported by all os and check for compatablity ,the plus and minus will be rectified, my main concern would be the application’s activity should not disturb the os functionality.


What are the security aspects of testing on mobile apps (with details and how to avoid issues)

Main thing if it is web based applications,how parameter is passed,encryption,decryption,does our app handle sudden botnet attacks,does our application meets owsap standards etc,its little detailed so refer owsap guide


What is the current state of your favourite mobile platform and where do you think it is heading. It will be interesting to see if candidate is upto date on these things.

According to me the  mobile platform is growing similar to desktop environment,new os like firefox,tizen ,ubuntu,were mainly concentrating bringing similar environment same to desktop


7. Have you implemented continuous integration for mobile app testing?

8. Have you worked with automation tools for mobile apps. What is your impression? Which language/script have you used and what is your comfort level here?

9. How does one test resource consumption while using mobile apps?



From Anitha,

What are the different android OS in market and what are technical names for that

From 2.1-4.4 in genral the os name starts and comes alphabetically

Additional references :


What are the technical differences between android 2.3.7 OS and 4.0.1

main things were multi tasking,processor usage,improved networks etc

3. Test cases for Android market

4. What are the things you test if you get a mobile to test

According to me ,I l test this first :

multi tasking

os environment and application support

data synchronization and data sharing

call and internet data usage

screen flickers and common landscape and portrait

loudspeaker performance,genre los performance

camera resolution

touch, keypag response

the list will grow up if the time which I have my mobile in my hands

5. Hoe to test the speed of your application

In genral I ll load my application in a touch based environment and simulate a multi touch ,for e.g consider entering password in a password field ,how fast does the text appears in the field for multi monkey touch

Simulate a slow bandwidth,slow response rate for the app,simulate sudden calls sudden system alerts ,applications capability to resume with same speed

6. Which Mobile OS you like most and Why?


From Vital,

what are the files that are used to install the application in android and ios devices?

In genral apk & ipa were common options,if its little detailed just open the file in winzip you can see associated files


what are the types of interrupt tests that we perform while testing a mobile application?

Simulate a call,music playlist,battery drain out,network issues etc



3. what is the difference between mobile app and mobile web app?

4. how do we take screenshots in ios device?

Home+sleep will capture

5. how do we take crash logs in android device while testing?

Logcat and adbtrace will help to trace all logs


6. what is the server that we need to install T-Plan automation tool?

7. how do we perform compatibility testing in mobile applications?

Simple scenario would be configuring avd with common os and installing & running one whole process of functionality at the specific avd,the app should not crash at any point of time,

Remember some cases will vary with respective to avd and device

how do we install an application in an iphone?

It varies if phone is not jailbreaked ,only methods itunes,desktop mac /xcode synchronization,if its jailbreaked normal android based installation methods will work


how do we launch an android emulator?

By avd manager,or through command prompt of the os,many ways straightaway accessing adb-platform tools etc can we install an application in a mobile(how many ways)

In genral 5 ways

11.what are the browsers in android,ios,windows mobiles

Native ,firefox,chrome,safari,etc


From Neha,

What is the difference between mobile testing and mobile application testing?

With respective to device environment –mobile testing,

With respective to mobile os environment –mobile application testing


2. Describe your current project?

3. How to take crash log for iPhone apps?

App name for taking screenshot in Android.

Challenges while testing mobile apps.

Crash,multi tasking,network synchronization,multi touch response


How to install mobile apps through command prompt?

If its android adb install apk name


How you write test cases for any app?

If applications functionality unknown check and write testcase for compatablty and performance things


- What is the difference between Android 2.1 and Android 2.2?

- Which is the android latest version?

- Describe yourself

- Oops concepts.

- Difference between a class and a interface.

It varies based on programming language,in genral the interface can be just defined where as class can be defined and accessed

- Different version control

Mercurial,git,svn,cvs etc,.

- sql queries.

- Do you have any idea of join in sql?

- Test case format

- What is smoke, regression and functional testing?

-Bug Life cycle

From initialization to end of bug,

-What is equivalence partitioning?

Equivalence partitioning (also called Equivalence Class Partitioning or ECP[1]) is a software testing technique that divides the input data of a software unit into partitions of equivalent data from which test cases can be derived. In principle, test cases are designed to cover each partition at least once. This technique tries to define test cases that uncover classes of errors, thereby reducing the total number of test cases that must be developed. An advantage of this approach is reduction in the time required for testing a software due to lesser number of test case

-How to identify an object in selenium and QTP?

Using xpath,for selenium,and qtp base filter and optional filter

Additional reference :

- How to display a message in Selenium?

String msg_in_alert=driver.switchTo().alert().getText();

Alert which u need to show in selenium

- Different views in QTP.

- Different modes in QTP.

- What is test automation framework?

set of assumptions, concepts and tools that provide support for automated software testing

- What are different types of automation frameworks?

5(testscript modularity,test library architecture,keyword/table driven,data driven,hybrid)

- How you  do security testing for an application?

Follow owsap scenarios,main motive would be hack by decrypting the password,and bypassing the normal security measures of the app

- What content you include in test status report?

Bug priority,status,history,current status,assigned,rectified,environment which the bug was found and bug that can be reproduced

- How you have mentored your team? ( This question is applicable if you have written in your CV that you have mentored)

- Have you prepared test plan? If yes, then what content you include in test plan?

- Would you like to ask any questions from us?

- Describe application certification testing.

It varies based on mobile os,in genral the application should meet appstore/plays/itunes/apphub ‘s rules

- How you do certification testing?

Simulate a fake certificate and test whether app accepts fake certificates with same digital signature

- What role you are playing in your current company?

- What are the differences and similarity between the mobile app which you are testing in your current project with the app if you tested it on windows?

- Difference between System testing and Functional testing.

System Testing: Testing conducted to verify the application on the whole against SRS(only SRS not BRS). System testing has to address all the quality factors which were agreed.



Functional(only Functional)

Non-Functional(security, performance, reliability...)


Functional Testing: Testing conducted against the application to assure the FUNCTIONAL quality factor(only functional). This is conducted against FRS.


Functional testing is 1/12 of system testing as it addresses only 1 quality factor.


 Hope it helps,kindly correct the answers if it is wrong so it will be helpful

thanks & regards



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