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Some Mobile Testing Interview questions


how android application testing will be done, i am new to this testing, how we have to prepare and exicute testcases, please explaine me with some real time examples and described test cases.

how to test an application which is developed for multiple languages.. for eg.. a web application which is for English, Chinese,Japanese,french.

how you test data throughput in femtocell?and what is the data throughput?

how you setup test bed for conformance testing

what is intelligence testing

can any one post some test cases on mobile features testing and feature interaction testing. iam new to this

What is the difference between STK related tests and WEB related tests? Please give example of test cases for each.

what oprating sysytem is use for mobile testing

How the Mobile testing is been done?Is there any specific tool to test the Blackberry and Symbian Mobile applications?If, it's done manually..then how would be the process?

what is difference between error and fault

whats the difference between mobile emulator and simulator?

What is Open box and Closed box testing ?

What is Security / Penetration testing?

What are the six basic security concepts that need to be covered by security testing are?

what is Computability Testing?



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