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Outsourcing software testing process to a Quality Assurance Company in India

A quality assurance service provider in India offers the best quality assurance services in the world. QA testing companies in the country are CMMI Level 3 certified, undertaking QA Testing Services as an important aspect of each project. Indian service providers adhere to industry standard testing methods to help clients meet their quality assurance goals. Furthermore, the QA experts are proficient in several software testing technologies and services, platforms, tools and standards, enabling them to apply integrated testing methods and best solutions.


There are various reasons why software testing is an important part of software development. Testing a software system is very important due to the following reasons:

1. Testing is extremely important to provide high quality software app or product which needs lower cost of maintenance and thus results in more consistent, accurate and reliable results.

2. Software testing is truly important in pointing out the errors and defects made during development time.

3. Testing ensures satisfaction in the app. Quality products deliver4ed to the customer or user helps get their faith and confidence in the system.

4. Testing is needed for an effective performance of application. It’s important to ensure that the app will not result in failure since later it would cost a lot for the company.


Quality assurance outsourcing is a wonderful way of giving specific projects the needed attention from experts in the field. Organizations outsource to stay on the competitive edge. Furthermore, outsourcing could free up internal resources to concentrate on core business aspects and boost efficiency. In this regard, India has created a name for itself in the field of outsourcing, particularly in the IT industry. Why India? Here are the top five reasons to outsource QA in the country.

1. Pool of talent. India currently has thousands and thousands of engineering colleges that graduate more than half a million graduates each year. Most of the graduates hold other specialized degrees, pursue different training and certification programs and constantly trying to update their expertise and skills.

2. Less communication barriers. Communication between teams and across the different layers of the company is essential for business success. More than 350 million people in India are fluent in English. Due to this, communicating with an offshore team will not be a daunting task.

3. High quality service. Although having raw talent is one thing, providing high quality services is another. India does not fail to deliver on this end. Quality assurance testers I the country have access to the latest technology, infrastructure and software and not afraid of using the tools to their advantage.

4. Cost-effective. Since labor cost is much lower in the country, partnering with an offshore QA team could be extremely cost-effective. The pricing flexibility could help a company be more creative while managing budget allotting more resources to core business aspects.

5. Government support. The government of India has supported the IT field in an impactful way. The government has not only named the IT sector as one of the top five priorities, they have also implemented the National IT Task Force, a group that is dedicated to promote information technology in the country.

Providing a company access to the hardworking, best, enthusiastic talent pool available, could give peace of mind for upcoming projects. Although there are other countries to consider when it comes to finding a software testing company, India is the best choice available. This is because the country encompasses not only great talent, but government support as well as other features that enable an organization to outsource with ease. Outsourcing to India not only provides top-notch service that’s cost-effective, but could directly affect the success of the business as well.

A great benefit of outsourcing quality assurance function to an external company is that testers that check the code have years and years of experience with a wide range of software types and testing methods. They would have a lot more flexibility when it comes to how they test, and tools that they have access to. This enable them to do incredibly complete testing on the software, leaving one with a product to be proud of.

Indian QA services are probably the best option that an organization will consider. As the outsourcing destination in the world, software testing service providers in the country provide only the best and highly effective solutions possible. A lot of big companies prefer to outsource their software testing processes and requirements to a quality assurance company in the country.

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