Testing is an out-and-out method to get an error-free software. It's a method of validating and formalizing the applications under test and finding bugs, if present. To put it differently, it is a procedure to analyze whether the item meets…

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The mobile network is growing rapidly. Mobile Software now comprises all types such as from video up to mobile banking apps. We all know that testing mobile app is a rather intricate process.

There are numerous programs and Operating…

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Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Revert public commit in Git
"Nowadays, GIT is utilized by both Development and Software Quality Assurance services (QA services) for version controlling. In case, you have committed a code on Git and need to revert the public commit then do the following:
1. Undo the invalid co…"
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Big Data Testing Startergy
"Big Data possess various properties such as Velocity, Volume, Variety and variability which puts forth many challenges. Testing such large and different variety of data sources which differ in structure needs strategy.
If Big Data systems not effici…"
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Top Devops tools and their functionality
"DevOps is a software development process, which promotes closer collaboration between development and operations. The core concept of DevOps is to bring in continuous integration and delivery. It functions throughout the software development cycle s…"
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Feb 13
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Grouping in Mocha
"In software quality assurance services, Grouping in Mocha Javascript based framework can be done mainly by 02 ways as mentioned below: 1. Grouping of multiple test scripts in single file: It can be done using describe() provided by Mocha. Example:…"
Feb 12
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Feb 9
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Feb 4
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Jan 31
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Screenshot of failure in Mocha
"Whenever any failure comes while running the JS script in web application testing services, it would be good to capture the screenshot of failure point for debugging the issue. Below is the sample code:
afterTest: function (test) {        // Ignore…"
Jan 24
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Jan 23
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Risk analysis in software testing
"Risk Analysis is performed in QA services to discover the hidden issues and things that could go wrong in the delivery of application. Concerned areas are likea) Any new technologyb) Hardwarec) New Tools for automationd) Availability of required res…"
Jan 22
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Codeless Automation Locator Stratergy
"In Codeless Automation testing, a user records the manual tests using the tool which records the actions click by click, the tool creates the automated script itself and playback it. The user can also edit test scripts as per requirement. This creat…"
Jan 20
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Jan 18
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Cloud Data Security
"Cloud security consists of rules, policies, procedure, and laws, which protects a cloud system, its data, and infrastructure. It is a subdomain of network security. In cloud computing, a user is saving, storing and processing the data over the inter…"
Jan 16
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