A Brief Overview Of Regression Testing

Studies have indicated that after installing a new app, only a quarter of the users return to the app on the second day. The retention rate is eminently low and the majority of the users uninstall the app after the first use. You might have…

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Selenium Testing For Effective Test Automation

While there is a substantial increment in the mobile apps market share, web apps are still prevalent with a significant user base. Enterprises are focusing on the quality at speed when it comes to web apps, before deployment. This is where…

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Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Popular git commands and their usage
"Git is a popular version control system used for tracking the source code changes. It manages the files and project which is changing with time and store the data in repositories. It is highly available and friendly for collaborations.
It is widely…"
Anand Singh posted a discussion
please provide description of the commands for undertsanding their usage
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Dec 5
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Dec 3
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Dec 2
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Nov 29
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion What is decision table testing and how we can perform this.
"The decision table testing is also known as cost effect table and is one of the black box test design techniques followed by quality assurance services. It is used to select the test cases in a systematic order and provides good testing coverage. T…"
Nov 28
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Nov 27
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Nov 25
Naveen Kumar posted a blog post
Originally posted on: https://usa.life/read-blog/969_spice-up-your-instagram-feed-instagr... There is no doubt; Instagram is the best to promote your small medium-sized business by targeting millions of people at Instagram. It is very easy…
Nov 24
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion How to know that testing of a feature is completed.
"The basic purpose of Software testing is determine if the product is meeting all the requirements and fulfills all the business needs. The process of software testing depends upon many conditions and can be of different duration depending upon the c…"
Nov 22
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion What is test coverage and why it is important.
"Test Coverage: It measures that how much testing is covered or performed by a test set. It showcases the areas of the application covered by running the set of tests or test suite.
Software testing services company performs test coverage as:i) It he…"
Nov 20
Alisha Henderson replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Codeless Automation Testing
"For large projects or projects having a fast release cycles, creating test environment, and writing test scripts itself take a huge amount of time and resources. Which ultimately defeats the whole purpose of automation testing which was aimed at red…"
Nov 20
Alisha Henderson posted a discussion
Whilst Picking a software testing company following factors plays a Enormous role for project success-Computer software testing experience - A team comprising experts experienced in quality assurance testing solutions.Company's restart - Today this…
Nov 20
Sergey Ysov posted a blog post
It’s not a secret that we live in a time of information innovation and various startups. Thousands of people have unique, progressive ideas that could help humanity.read more
Nov 19
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Tools for Codeless Automation
"Codeless automation testing is a structured model where functional testers create reusable automated scripts.
In the background, the available tools for Codeless automation provide an abstraction layer to users, where user actions are translated to…"
Nov 19



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