Testing is an out-and-out method to get an error-free software. It's a method of validating and formalizing the applications under test and finding bugs, if present. To put it differently, it is a procedure to analyze whether the item meets…

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The mobile network is growing rapidly. Mobile Software now comprises all types such as from video up to mobile banking apps. We all know that testing mobile app is a rather intricate process.

There are numerous programs and Operating…

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Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Timer in JS
"A timer in Javascript is a function that enables us to execute a function at a particular time, delay the execution of code or repeatedly using an interval.
SetTimeout() and setInterval() are the two timer functions in JavaScript.
a) The setTimeout(…"
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Apr 1
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Difference between git pull and git fetch?
"GIT is a free and open source distributed version-control system useful to track changes in the source code.GIT Pull and GIT Fetch are the most commonly used commands by the GIT users. A GIT user, to keep the local repository updated, will use these…"
Mar 26
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Automation Framework Structure
"Automation structure depends on project to project. In general, below structure is being followed in software testing company:a) Source "src" folder containing test scriptsb) Library "lib" folder containing all libraries and methodsc) "log" folder c…"
Mar 24
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Mar 23
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion How to secure Jenkins?
"Jenkins is one of the most preferred tool utilized by DevOps as well as Software Testing Services and Development. It is important to secure the Jenkins and below are the ways:
- Put a custom version-controlled script in place to automate the proces…"
Mar 20
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Attributes of a good automation framework
"In any software testing company, there are many areas that an automation engineer needs to consider while working on framework. Below are the few best practices: 1. The framework should be well structured so that it becomes easy to maintain. 2. Lo…"
Mar 19
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Git fork
"Git, Fork, Branch and Clone are vastly used among version control systems therefore every engineer in the Software testing company should know or become familiar with using it. Fork:  Forks are local abstract which helps you making changes in someo…"
Mar 16
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Mar 13
Anand Singh replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Penetration Testing
"Penetration testing is the practice of testing to identify security vulnerabilities and discover security loopholes in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques that an attacker could exploit.Any software t…"
Mar 12
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Mar 3
Ray Parker posted a blog post
Performance testing is performed to check an application’s speed, scalability, and reliability. It determines a system’s speed and degradation with different configurations under both controlled and uncontrolled scenarios. It highlights what needs t…
Mar 2
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Mar 2
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Feb 29
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Grouping in Mocha
"In software quality assurance services, Grouping in Mocha Javascript based framework can be done mainly by 02 ways as mentioned below:1. Grouping of multiple test scripts in single file: It can be done using describe() provided by Mocha.Example:// f…"
Feb 28
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Big Data analytics
"Big data is a field that treats how to analyze data, methodically pull out information and deal with data sets that are of huge volume.
Big Data Analytics is inspecting a large amount of data, prediction of future probabilities and trends, identific…"
Feb 28



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