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A Secure Mobile Testing Cloud Resource - Accessible Anytime Anywhere 

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Costa Avradopoulos, Capgemini – Mobile Testing Practice Leader, North America 
Guy Arieli - Experitest CTO  

Testing Lead Security is a high priority when developing and testing mobile apps for companies that are sensitive to security. Access to a provider’s Cloud-hosted testing resources may be convenient and cost-effective, but the security of that environment falls under their control. What was originally a solution becomes a risk to your institution’s data and information. 

Among other challenges faced by developers and testers using generic Cloud testing resources: 
- Securing a location for devices. 
- Concentrating a central pool of devices accessed by offsite development and testing teams; 
- Distribution of work across geographically isolated teams; 
- Specific device identification and availability; 

Join Capgemini and Experitest on Tuesday, December 16 at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time for a live, interactive webinar to learn more about a Cloud solution that offers features, functions and benefits for each member of the mobile-applications development team: 
- For developers an easy reproduction of bugs and the ability to reserve a time slot; 
- For QA managers, how to plan in advance device usage and control applications under test; 
- For device lab managers a 24x7 continuous testing environment; 
- For manual QA testers learn to emulate keyboards for devices and script automation; 
- For automation engineers, automate tests via desktop, reserve devices, & generate reports; 
- For the security team, resource access from the cloud within your company firewall; 
- For executives – reduce user-device procurement costs, speed time-to-market, and improve user/customer experiences. 

The “before and after” experiences of a large, multinational bank with a mobile development team of about 500 will be presented. Registrants will receive a soft copy of the World Quality Report 2014-15 and an invitation to attend a Capgemini Key Findings presentation focused on survey responses from your industry peers. 

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