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  • Agile is a software development methodology, which follows the iterative and incremental approach whereas Scrum is one of the Agile framework, which has defined iterations, and role based tasks.

    Scrum is actually subset of Agile, which mainly focuses on delivering high quality product in shortest period.

    Agile Vs. Scrum

    •  Agile is a development methodology whereas Scrum is one of the Agile process framework.
    •  Agile is more flexible than Scrum.
    • In Agile process, build is frequently delivered and in Scrum sprint is delivered at the end of each sprint.     
    • Product is updated and delivered as per the feedback. In Scrum, new sprint can be planned after current sprint.
    • Designing and execution of product in Scrum can be more complex and experimental in Scrum than in Agile.

    Scrum is very popular framework as well as very demanding. It requires developers to work beyond their specialization skills, and requires proper planning and testing.
    It requires the software testing company to follow the approach of full regression testing to control the product quality.

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